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A responsive website design offers an optimized browsing experience and access to your website within different devices, such as: smartphones, tablets, Apple TV, Laptops and so on… It also changes the appearance of the website depending on the screen size and depending on the view port of the person.
Responsive Digital Edition

TheWALL360 provides not only a responsive frontend but also a responsive backend! Bringing responsiveness to backend was a feature that many users requested and will make the use of TheWALL360 a lot easier for mobile devices.

  •  A CMS for managing content in mobile app(s), possibly for several devices (iPhone + iPad) and/or several platforms (iOS + Android) from a single tool.
  •  A CMS for managing content on a website which is mobile-friendly that is, responsive, displaying information properly no matter the size of a screen.
  • A CMS which runs as a smart app on a mobile device and can be used to create and organize content on the go.

Who said that content creation should be limited to computers? Imagine creating a content page with a title, description, several photos and an audio sample directly from your mobile! That’s what TheWALL360 platform allows you to do!


Your feedback is very important to us. If you are not a "TheWALL360" surfer, we advise you to join the club very soon. Many new interesting features are coming soon! Check out our pricing section.

Release Date: Aug 14, 2020
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