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Lots of companies are entering the OTT space, leading to a wide variety of options for consumers, and increasing quantities of ad inventory for advertisers. As more people ‘cut the cord’ and move towards online-only media consumption, the way to reach these consumers will increasingly be via OTT services.
TheWall360 is a content management system that supports VOD/OTT services which offer access to film and television content (including existing series acquired from other producers, as well as original content produced specifically for the service).

Video Ad Monetization

In recent years, more and more businesses have chosen to monetize their videos via advertising. Once you've enabled monetization, you will automatically start earning revenue from your uploaded videos.

Best Video Experience

TheWALL360 CMS video platform is powerful and flexible enough to handle whatever you throw at it. You can use it right out-of-the-box, or we can help you build a solution with everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Metadata Management

Make it easier on your viewers to access and retrieve content they want to watch across any platform, anywhere, anytime.

Live TV Streaming

Let your viewers watch their favorite content, including episodes, series, TV shows and more.

Sign Up & Registration

Sign up page or user registration are not mandatory and can be disabled it if you don't want to use it.

Monetization Control

Turn on ads for your videos.

Real-Time Analytics

Generate real time analytics for most watched Episodes, Views, Plays Started and Plays Completed.

Total Page Views

Ability to know the total Page Views by day and compare it with the previous period

Top Episodes Viewed

Ability to see top Episodes viewed in a descending order

Total Number of Views

Ability to see total number of views for a specific episode, number of people that started viewing this episode and number of people that completed viewing this episode

Episodes Percentage

Ability to see percentage for each episode plays vs. totals of views, plays started and plays completed

Chosen Platform

Ability to see on which platform the episodes were uploaded – KWIKmotion (KM) or You Tube (YT) or any other integrated VOD platform.

Top Seasons

Ability to know Top Seasons of each show displayed in descending order, Views, Plays Started and Plays Completed.

Episodes Plays

Ability to see the most viewed episode of each season, most played episode and most watched episode till the end.

Top Shows

Ability to know the Top Show viewed by the audience and the top episode in terms of views, plays started and completed.

Top Categories

Know the top categories viewed by the audience.

Upload once

Upload your media on TheWall 360 one time only and it will be saved for a second use without the need to re-upload it again.

Viewing Experience

Excellent viewing experience across multiple streaming devices

Video Library

TheWall360 gives you the tools to create and curate a private and secure video library for your business videos.

Watch list

Save movies to watch later.

Watch History

Review the shows and episodes watched previously.

Movie and TV Show Filter

Pick filters and search for any movie, series, or episode by selecting from a multitude of other criteria.

Movies and TV Show Categories

Browse most popular movies and TV shows by genre.

Search by Actors

Use search actors to find movies for you to watch.

Browse by Directory

Search movies and TV shows by directory.

Device Management

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