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TheWALL360 platform introduces a new interesting feature that will give you more interaction options with your clients, and a modern and aesthetically pleasing website with ease.
Clone/Redesign Unlimited Templates per Page

Now you are able to create and customize several templates per website pages using the work of professional designer at little to no cost. You can get the website you’ve always dreamed of without ever having to learn a word of code.

Some templates are designed for certain types of sites (such as a magazine/journal versus an online store) and others simply put special emphasis on specific design specifications.

It’s Christmas time! Everyone is turning red and white, so why keeping your website pages dull and out of the mood? You can switch each page of the website to a template of your choice!

You can easily design your templates through TheWALL360 website designer, allowing you to switch between two designs whenever you want.

Not everyone knows how to code but almost everyone wants to be able to change their website look and feel from time to time without any coding skills.

So now, you don’t have to sweat the hard part:

- Clone your existing website pages template.

- Customize a theme or template for your website pages using TheWALL360 website designer in the backend while live pages are still active.

- Preview the theme before activation.

- Switch to the new template in a click of a button without worrying about URL changes.

- Schedule the switch to a specific time, example Valentine’s Day.



You remembered to make changes or enhancements to your design after switching to the new template? No worries, you can still undo the switching until you finish the final version of your design.

Saving the best for last! You can create several templates of the same page and schedule them for a hassle-free experience. Let’s say we have New Year, Valentine, and Easter occasions, you can create templates for each occasion and schedule them to be published on the date and time you choose without the need to open your laptop/mobile while enjoying your vacation to switch it manually.


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Release Date: Aug 17, 2020
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