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Make the right move by utilizing PayWALL, the newly released feature from TheWALL360 CMS!

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TheWALL360 has proudly released the PayWALL feature to its platform to help you grow your online agency’s revenue. You will be able to block access to online content until the visitor subscribes using one of the predefined packages or login to their account with a valid subscription.
Make the right move by utilizing PayWALL, the newly released feature from TheWALL360 CMS!

 What is PayWALL?

You are a website owner and you regularly publish high-quality content on your website, YouTube channel, Facebook, or Instagram… and you are looking for a recurring source of income. What if the solution is to implement a PayWALL?

PayWALL is a way for content providers to monetize content published on their websites. It has become an increasingly common business model for digital publishing.


Why PayWALL?

For years, brands used third-party cookies to track website visitors, improve user experience, and collect data that help advertisers target ads to the right audience.

Advertisers are facing a nightmare called “third-party cookies blocking” which stops websites from pacing cookies related to third-party servers on a user device. It means they cannot track online activity to deliver their services such as advertisements. It also means that some services may remain inactive or broken or even break some parts of the website.

Google Ads aren’t generating enough revenue anymore!

Content producers now have the chance to break free from the exhausting hamster wheel of chasing clicks and pageviews. With an audience of digital subscribers, publishers aren’t obliged to generate millions of page-views to earn a small amount of revenue.

The Alternative Solution: PayWALL is your new main source of income!



PayWALL Functionalities

Enable PayWALL feature based on geo-targeting locations. You can specify which countries have the right to read your articles without a subscription and which countries should subscribe to continue reading.

PayWALL feature also involves multiple packages to allow visitors to pay on a predefined subscription period such as weekly, monthly, annually or any custom recurring period.


That’s not all! PayWALL also includes a multi-currency feature that allows users to purchase a selected package in their country’s currency (USD/EU...).

To make marketers’ life easy, TheWALL360 has implemented an analytical dashboard to give a clear overview of the purchased packages and the number of automatic renewals.

We will be happy to hear your feedback on this new feature. If you are not a “TheWALL 360” surfer, we advise you to join the club very soon since other new interesting features are on their way.

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