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You can design your own categories and articles features by editing the original template from website designer, in addition to selecting typography, user interface design and related topics using WYSIWYG HTML editor through TheWALL360 CMS.
Release Date: Jul 03, 2020
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Other Features

Flexibility in Blogs & News

TheWALL360 CMS helps you create Blogs, News pages or corporate websites and bring your ideas to life by writing and managing your blog whenever inspiration strikes, on your desktop or on the go.


TheWALL360 CMS is built to make your life easier while publishing your content quickly without any professional help.

Media Manager

TheWALL360 CMS helps you add unlimited media (photos/videos) easily to our content either by drag/drop feature or by uploading images or videos.

Built-in Comments

You can engage with your readers through the comments section. You can also moderate responses and comments. Bloggers are responsible for what appears on their blog; it is their property. You do not want to allow questionable comments that insult, attack, threaten or suggest harm to another person.

Image Upload Manager

TheWall360 Image Upload Manager feature includes cropping of pictures, size optimization without quality loss and on the fly meta edition.

Unlimited Categories

Create unlimited amount of Categories and Sub-categories on the fly.

Custom Fields

Rich basket of categorized components for all modules.

Multilingual Articles

Create multilingual bulk articles consecutively

Dynamic Monetization

Assign unlimited downloadable files per document.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence to enhance content cross linking in the platform.

Multiple Categories

Assign articles to multiple categories.

User Management

Assign user access rights to categories inside the document engine. Assign authors and editors - with profiles - to articles. Assign multiple authors and editors – with profiles – to articles. Assign articles to sources.

TheWALL360 Doctor

Set to analyze your content and trigger alarms on the fly before anybody else sees them

Media Integration

Integrate media/videos with multiple VOD platforms like KWIKmotion, YouTube and Vimeo.

Related Articles

Semantic cross linking articles with full integration of the magnet platform - Related and Recommended Articles.


Create sub-articles for main topics.

Number of Views

Determine which articles are getting maximum readers vs. which are not from the number of views.

My Favorites

My Favorites to keep your most preferred content in one place.

Trending Now

Know what people are reading right now.

Breaking News Pop-Ups

Make your Breaking News more visible to your visitors to generate clicks and opt-in subscribers.

Upload Content Using FTP

Upload content and files via FTP to publish via articles, helpful and efficient for results publishing.

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