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Assign articles to multiple categories.
Release Date: Jul 07, 2020
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Flexibility in Blogs & News

TheWALL360 CMS helps you create Blogs, News pages or corporate websites and bring your ideas to life by writing and managing your blog whenever inspiration strikes, on your desktop or on the go.

Design Categories and Articles

This feature offers users extensive control over the design and layout of their website's categories and article features. By editing the original template provided by the website designer, users can customize these elements to align with their specific requirements and preferences.



This feature emphasizes the user-friendly nature of TheWALL360 CMS, highlighting its ability to simplify the process of publishing content on a website. It is designed to be accessible to individuals who may not have professional web design or development skills, enabling them to easily manage and publish their content.


Media Manager

The Media Manager feature offered by TheWALL360 CMS provides users with a convenient and efficient way to incorporate videos into their content. It eliminates the complexities typically associated with video integration, making the process seamless and accessible to users of varying technical expertise.


Built-in Comments

You can engage with your readers through the comments section. You can also moderate responses and comments. Bloggers are responsible for what appears on their blog; it is their property. You do not want to allow questionable comments that insult, attack, threaten or suggest harm to another person.

Unlimited Categories

The feature of "Unlimited Categories" offered by TheWALL360 CMS provides users with the freedom to create and organize an unlimited number of categories and sub-categories for their website's content. This feature allows users to easily and efficiently structure their content in a way that best suits their needs and the preferences of their audience.


Multilingual Articles

Create multilingual bulk articles consecutively

Artificial Intelligence

The feature of "Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance content cross-linking" in TheWALL360 CMS introduces advanced technology to optimize the interconnection and linking of content within the platform. By leveraging AI capabilities, this feature aims to improve the user experience, facilitate content discovery, and enhance the overall effectiveness of cross-linking within the CMS.


Media Integration

Integrate media/videos with multiple VOD platforms like KWIKmotion, YouTube and Vimeo.


Create sub-articles for main topics.

Number of Views

Determine which articles are getting maximum readers vs. which are not from the number of views.

Trending Now

Know what people are reading right now.

Breaking News Pop-Ups

Make your Breaking News more visible to your visitors to generate clicks and opt-in subscribers.

Upload Content Using FTP

Upload content and files via FTP to publish via articles, helpful and efficient for results publishing.

My Favorites

My Favorites to keep your most preferred content in one place.

TheWALL360 Doctor

Capture editors’ mistakes with TheWALL360 doctor.


In today's fast-paced digital landscape, effective content creation is paramount for businesses and individuals alike. That's why we're thrilled to introduce TheWALL 360, a cutting-edge platform designed to elevate your content creation experience. One of our standout features is the integration of WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Editors, combined with advanced filtering options, to ensure a seamless and clean content styling process.


Ratings and Comments

Introducing TheWALL 360's dynamic "Ratings and Comments" feature – a powerful way to empower your users and give them a voice on your website. Our innovative tool allows your audience to express their opinions, share their thoughts, and engage in discussions about the content you offer.


Articles via Email

Articles via Email is a great addition to TheWALL 360 platform, designed to simplify and accelerate your content creation and publication process. With this feature, you can write, format, and publish engaging blog posts directly from your email inbox. No more switching between multiple tools or dealing with complicated interfaces – just compose your content, hit send, and let TheWALL 360 take care of the rest.


You Are the Designer

Welcome to "You Are the Designer" on TheWALL 360 – a feature that empowers you to craft captivating slideshows, player layouts, interactive galleries, photo galleries, audio and music players, and HTML slideshows, all at your fingertips.


Responsive Articles

TheWALL 360's Responsive Articles feature is your solution to empower businesses to craft content on the fly directly on your website. Whether you're a startup striving for visibility or an established corporation seeking real-time engagement, TheWALL 360's Responsive Articles feature is your key to staying agile and ahead of the curve.


Cross Linking Articles

Let’s discuss TheWALL 360's Cross Linking Articles feature, where semantic cross-linking meets the full integration of the Magnet platform, providing an unparalleled browsing experience for your website visitors. Say goodbye to disconnected content and hello to a seamless flow of information.


URL Structure Customization

Unlock the power of precision with TheWALL 360's URL Structure Customization feature. Our advanced engine is designed to craft a tailored URL structure for every category and article on your website, ensuring that each web page enjoys a URL that's not just functional but also optimized for your specific needs.


User Access Rights

As businesses rely more heavily on digital documents and data, ensuring the security and accessibility of these assets becomes paramount. TheWALL 360, a leading document management platform, has consistently sought to stay ahead of the curve in meeting the evolving needs of its users. In this quest, TheWALL 360 has unveiled its latest groundbreaking feature: User Access Rights, allowing users to assign access permissions to categories within the document engine.


Assign Authors and Editors

As organizations embrace the digital age, the need for efficient collaboration tools becomes more apparent. Recognizing this, TheWALL 360 is proud to introduce its groundbreaking "Assign Authors and Editors" feature, complete with user profiles. This new capability is set to revolutionize the way teams collaborate on articles and documents.


Assign Articles to Sources

Assign articles to sourcesWhether you're a journalist, content creator, or researcher, having the ability to seamlessly connect articles with their respective sources can significantly enhance your workflow and credibility. That's why TheWALL 360 is excited to unveil its groundbreaking "Assign Articles to Sources" feature, designed to make source attribution and management a breeze.


Sources with Detailed Profiling

The ability to access, manage, and understand your sources can make all the difference in producing high-quality, trustworthy content. Recognizing this, TheWALL 360 is thrilled to introduce "Sources with Detailed Profiling" feature, designed to help you take control of your sources like never before.



PayWALL is a way for content providers to monetize content published on their websites. It has become an increasingly common business model for digital publishing.

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