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Send customized emails to your visitors upon performing specific operations in an email book.
Release Date: Jul 07, 2020
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Real time statistics at your service.

Clear & Easy Navigation

It can be safely said that navigation is one of the most critical parts of your store’s design. Good navigation provides an improved user experience leading to more sales and revenue. On the other hand, a poor navigation frustrates the users leading to a higher bounce rate.

Unlimited Media & Descriptions

Images are the first impression for your product so having high quality and focused shots are key to your store's success. Add unlimited media objects per product like Photos, Videos, and more. SEO needs to be kept in mind when writing product descriptions so you can have more chance of being found.

Easy Checkout Process

Placing clear checkout and cart buttons within your help will guide people directly to where they need to process their order. Giving them to option of guest checkouts is definitely an added bonus when it comes to online stores and it streamlines the checkout process and helps create convenience.

Unlimited Currency Profiling

Once you enable this feature a currency switcher will display in your store allowing your customers to choose among the currencies you have set up. Having a store over the web means it is available for everyone, so why not generate traffic from other markets by adopting a multi-currency feature for your website. TheWALL360 implements a multi-currency feature so you can appeal to overseas customers and make more online sales.

Set up your store

With TheWALL360, building and managing your store is just a piece of cake, first of all you need to set up a store with homepage design, menus, site structure, and payment and shipping options. You can select multiple design templates for products and categories sections, add unlimited media objects per product like photos, videos and more. If you have a catalogue (PDF, DOCX, XLSX …), adding it to THEWALL360 will take just minutes! Link or redirect your products to an external link.

Classify products by attributes & variations

Product attributes are essential to creating variable products (Products that come in various sizes, colors, expiry date, season etc.) It is recommended that you create any attributes for your store that you will be using multiple times for multiple products. TheWALL360 makes it easier on you to create a listing for each product and then let the customer simply choose a variation from the drop-down list.

Enable products filtering

Easing shopper navigation by offering product filtering can take the frustration out of browsing by allowing shoppers to search according to their wants and necessities. Ease of use will decrease shopper friction and can have a huge impact on conversion rates. TheWALL360 lets your customers sort products by Recently Viewed Items, Newly Posted Items, Top Seller Items, Recommended Items (Related Items), Matching Items (Complimentary Items) and much more.

Secure Payment Gateway

TheWALL360 has partnered with leading international payment providers to support your sales efforts. Your customers can pay in their local currency using their preferred payment method. Payment Gateways Profiling with different charges, multiple Currencies setup based on Geo-location restrictions and cash on delivery.

Order Management

Be it your online store, your catalog or your warehouse, order management systems match the right inventory with accurate numbers and details of the product to your customer. TheWALL360 order management feature can also track shipments and separate a unique tracking number for customers, enabling both you and the customers to track the order throughout the fulfillment process. This service also simultaneously updates the shipping information on all channels. You can also classify your in-progress, completed and custom orders statuses.

Rewards and Incentives

People love receiving gifts and rewards, so these kinds of programs are very effective when everything is setup properly. Store-wide and/or per item discount capabilities based on date boundaries. Adding coupon discount codes to your website gives you the opportunity to turn first time visitors into a repeat customer. Every time you reward your customers for their shopping activities (sign ups, referrals, purchases etc.) you will appeal to their emotional side and start building a connection with them.

SEO Metataging

Meta tags offer more details about your website to search engines and website visitors who encounter your site in the SERP. They can be optimized to highlight the most important elements of your content and make your website stand out in search results. TheWALL360 uses advanced SEO Metataging to help Google scan and index your website including title tags, Meta description attribute, Meta keywords, Robots Meta tag, Alt text, and much more.

Geo Targeting

Priority of Items visibility based on any of the above dimension and geo-location


TheWALL360 provides dynamic unlimited product Add-ons like Wrapping, Cards, chocolate, etc...

Wish List

TheWALL360 gives you the option of adding a wish list/mark as favorites to allow your visitors save a list of products for later.

Add to basket

Visitors can add items to the basket, and can choose between proceeding to checkout and continuing to shop.


Subscriptions to allow customers sign-up, keep track of order status, and change the quantity or remove items from their cart

Account Information

Manage your visitor’s orders and their account information through TheWALL360.


Integration with Multiple Shipping companies via APIs and item calculation based on volume and weight versus destination.

Share on social media

When you are providing interest content to all your patrons and they are happy with your services and items, you must encourage them to share their favorite products on their social media pages.

Reviews and ratings

TheWALL360 allows you to display customer’s feedbacks either by uploading image, writing comments or rating with stars on each item or product.


Generate a list and get notified when items reach Minimum Quantity.


TheWALL360 makes it easier to integrate with any ERP that has APIS or open database
Integration can be done on several basis.

Bulk Import

For a hassle-free process, bulk import products with their media and metadata from an excel sheet and also bulk products modification with collection per items or categories.


TheWALL360 helps you attract more people speaking other languages from different countries and make them your clients.

Delivery Exclusions

You can define holidays, excluded dates from delivery dates anytime you want through TheWALL360.

Browse Product Categories

Help your visitors to easily browse through product categories. You can include it right below the main navigation bar.


Sales executive report summary
Detailed sales summary
Sales summary by items

Hierarchy of Categories

Organize your products by creaVting a hierarchy of categories that resemble a tree structure

Multiple Design Templates

Select multiple design templates for products and categories sections

Attach Files

Attach catalogue and many other files to the product (PDF, DOCX, XLSX …)

Link Products

Link your products to an external link

Redirect Products

Redirect your products to an external link

Matrix Management

Main matrix management per item for
• Color
• Size
• Expiry date
• Season

Product Filter

Recently Viewed Items
Newly Posted Items
Top Seller Items
Number of views on the products referred from social networks.
Recommended Items (Related Items)
Matching Items (Complimentary Items)

Order to Multiple Destinations

One order, to multiple recipients and multiple destinations

Add To Cart Management

Have an option to change the quantity or remove items from their cart

Auto In-Stock Control

Auto in-stock control

On-Store Sale

Store-wide and/or per item discount capabilities based on date boundaries.
Adding coupon discount codes to your website

Breadcrumb Navigation

Why let your visitors lose their path while surfing on your website?


Nowadays, people have more opportunity than ever before to seek out information and reviews of products and services before they make a purchase.

E-commerce product add-ons

Finding effective e-commerce add-ons isn’t the easiest task in the world. TheWALL360 Add-ons expand the features of your e-commerce website as you grow.

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